Are you an Animal Physiotherapist (AP) and do you want to work in the Netherlands? That is possible and we welcome you. You will need to apply for recognition of your degree to have it registered in the Register of Veterinary Medical Practitioners.

The conditions of being able to register your degree in the Netherlands may vary from the country you are currently working and registered as an AP. Make sure the next 3 points apply to you:

  • You need to be gratuated as a human physiotherapist as well. In the Netherlands the title of an AP is a protected title and after a post graduate training in Animal Physiotherapy, only human physiotherapists can register as an AP.
  • Your degree consists of Animal Physiotherapy in horses and dogs.
  • You can speak and write in Dutch.

If your background isn’t human physiotherapy or if you only have a degree for dogs/ horses, it is not possible to have your Animal Physiotherapy degree recognized and registered.

If you want to apply for recognition, you can find more information here:

Dutch Register of Veterinary Medical Practitioners |